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Welcome to our Construction Services!!
Using modern applications, we provide a comprehensive package, which includes planning, designing, supervision, management and cost analysis. Through our Construction Department, we undertake all kinds of construction and renovation works. These include buildings, feeder roads, drainage systems, compound landscaping, leveling of construction sites  and any other external works. We do construction works right from the stage of site planning up to finished structures.
We build shell and complete houses . These are built on contract to the satisfaction of our client's specifications and taste. With competent workmanship, modern machines and materials, we have been of use to many.
Site plan drawing and approval
We procure all kinds of plans for all sorts of residential structures including but not limited to residential bungalows, maisonettes or flats. The plan approval process is done depending on the local authority charges in various areas and it includes the following costs:
Kampala City Council
    * Ushs 1200/= per square meter in a built up area
    * Ushs 30,000/= for structural details of slabs
    * Ushs 50,000/= for boundary walls or retaining walls.

Up country Areas
    * Ushs 700/= per square meter.
    * Ushs 30,000/= structural details.
    * Ushs 50,000/= Boundary wall.

Development fee charges
    * Ushs 50,000/= Residential house/projects
    * Ushs 100,000/= Commercial projects.

Approval can be attained between 4 and 6 months, and a commencement letter in forty-five days. VAT charges are at 18%. Charges for architectural work depend on the area, location and design of the project.
Uganda’s construction industry comprising the building and civil engineering factors witnessed tremendous growth in the years 2012-2016 with 13% growth up from the 11.3% in 2006/2007. The growth is attributed to the inflow of new investors from Europe, Canada, America, Eriteria, India and Turkey

The construction industry is only second in growth rate to transport and communication. This growth didn’t just happen but rather was greatly dependent on government policy that includes the liberalisation of the economy, support from foreign countries and the state of political stability in the country which have all attracted foreign investment.

Liberation has brought about growth of factories and industries and an interesting fact is most of the construction materials are produced in Uganda.

In the past 60% of operating costs in foreign currency was being spent to enable contractors purchase materials from abroad but with the state of political stability people have put their trust in government for long term investment.

It’s also true that donor support has enabled the establishment of civil works such as construction of the northern bypass for example.
The concerned ministry has plans to bolster the local industry and as such the local construction industry is in final stages while the building control bill has already been tabled in parliament.

Jerome Richards ensures that proper building standards are followed and through our exotic contacts, we ensure that we look out for the best-qualified personnel in terms of experience to ensure that whatever construction job we secure, care is taken to avoid pitfalls such as collapsed buildings.
 For more information contact Richard on Tel: 0414 237513 or Mobile:  0712 735698.

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