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The task of Letting out a property is disheartening news amongst the old and newly established estate agencies or property brokering firms in Uganda. At Jerome Richards with our vast knowledge, the lettings department is willing and able to guide landlords through the shadows and hustles of letting their property with minimum problematic tenancies and void periods.
Jerome Richards with both past and present experience has learnt a good relationship with tenants is the key to a smooth-running tenancy. As property managers the relationship part is our job, but it is important that the tenants should feel comfortable in their temporary home, and that they are receiving value for their money.  This is your job. Our policy of offering a service of quality and care therefore extends to our tenant applicants too, and we are pleased to recommend properties to rent, which conform to certain minimum standards. Quality properties attract quality tenants.
The tips below provide landlords with information to consider before renting out their property.
Jerome Richards Estate Agents advise that landlords introduce thorough professional cleaning of their properties at commencement of a tenancy because a number of eventualities that might arise are avoided. For instance, an eventuality where a tenant is unhappy about the property condition is avoided when they move in. The onus is on the tenant to leave the property in a similar condition as well. Where they fail to do so, cleaning should be arranged at their expense.
Valuation of your property is best done if the agent is well versed with the area where your property is located. Jerome Richards with an experience of five years now in this field has knowledge of most properties found in many Kampala suburbs including the market prices attached to them.  We have up to date comparables of properties that have been let within your road, or a road very close to your home. This guarantees that, our figures are based on actual successful properties let out and not just fabricated figures.
Comprehensive referencing
Jerome Richards Estate Agents are proud of their comprehensive tenant referencing process. In this process, it is mandatory for all aspiring or potential tenants to go through a screening process before are considered eligible to reside in one of our properties.  We provide a copy to you as well for inspection prior to the move in date.
Tenancy Agreements
Our contracts adhere to up to date housing act rules in Uganda and are designed to specifically protect both the landlords and tenants in case of any disputes that might role along the tenancy period. Our interest is to be the arbitrator between the two parties for fair and sane judgement ensuring that at no single point in life, there is mistreatment of either party.
It is recommended that you leave only minimum furnishings, and these should be reasonable quality. It is preferable that items to be left are in the property during viewings.
Appliances such as washing machine, fridge, freezer, cooker, dishwasher etc should be in usable condition.
Repairs and maintenance are at the landlord’s expense unless misuse can be established.
It is not a common practise in Africa particularly, Uganda to conduct property inventories in comparison to the Americas and Western Europe. This process is very pertinent in determining the condition of a property at commencement and close of a tenancy period.
Jerome Richards Estate Agents boast of in house professional inventory clerks who maintain the condition of various properties under our property full management service.
Information for the tenant
It is helpful if you leave information for the tenant on operating the water system, washing machine and alarm system, and the day refuse is collected etc. You should provide one set of keys for each tenant. Where we are managing we will arrange to have duplicate keys cut as required.
The tips above are not of a definitive nature but rather a gist of the whole complex lettings process. We therefore highly recommend that, you contact our lettings specialists for a detail discussion on this subject matter.