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Located at the very heart of Africa, with a beautiful tropical weather lies a landlocked country called Uganda.  It was nick named " the pearl of Africa" by th famous British Administrator Winston Churchill when he toured in the early 20th Century.
The very first impression and features of this diverse country that will most definately captivate your mind and steal your heart are:-
1. The abundant nature of her flora and fauna mainly found in her national parks.
2. The various mountains located across her landscape with particular empasis on the Snow capped Rwenzori mountains
3. The friendly people who mainly speak English and several bantu languages
4. Uganda is Africa's banana republic. It grows more bananas than any other country with the exception of China and India
5. Uganda has the deepest lake in the World. Lake Bunyonyi as its called is also home to the Louisiana crayfish that was importedd and thrives there thereby creating a new menu at tourist restaurants
6. It is also in Uganda that you will find the longest lake in Africa. The famous lake Victoria occupies a great deal of Uganda's landscape.
7. Uganda has a pleasant yearly all round weather due to its elevation and location. Its mainly sunny.
8. Uganda has 11% of all the bird species in the World. Over 1060 recorded specoies of birds are found here, thereby making a favourite destination for Birders from across the World.
9. Uganda has a rare species of chimpanzees and Gorillas. They are found in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest in South Western Uganda
10. Uganda has fertile soils that make it a World capital for the growth of organic foods like Pineapple, Bananas.
TOUR UGANDA is a product meant to inspire you the locals whether living within Uganda or from the diaspora to spare time on your travels to atleast enjoy the beauty of the Pearl of Africa. To the international tourists, Uganda is a welcoming country, her peoples are very friendly, they love life in general and they love their CULTURE.
Domestic tours can be arranged on request if you call +256 712 735698 or email for any enquiry.