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                                LOVING WHAT WE DO SINCE SEPTEMBER 2005

Jerome Richards Limited loves what they do and pride themselves on having a unique perspective on the entire process of matching people with homes.  From the little things we see that others miss, to the neighborhoods we know like the back of our hands.  Because where others see customers, we see people.  And where others see houses, we see homes.

Our business model is built with a view to last for many more years in the future. We mind what our customer’s desire today and are able to advice on the expectations of other clients in the future.

We have built networks with many other Agents and Brokers across the suburbs of Kampala and the other towns nearby which means each and every agent is an established and independent professional in their neighborhood, making us uniquely positioned to offer you, our clients, a more in-depth and insightful experience.

Locally and nationally, we come together as one to share our properties and clients, ensuring no opportunity is ever missed.

We practice an open door business policy meaning we are approachable and understanding of each and every customer’s business need.


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